Forget Everything & Make a New Start

I want to start my words with some beautiful qutoes;
      Forget mistakes
      Forget failure
      Forget everything
      Except what you're going to do now
      And DO IT!          (Will Durant)
There have been a lot of obstacles that the life has thrown at me. A very famous quote from Nietzsche; he says: What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger: Well, some of those obstacles could kill me already, if I stopped fighting. The thing was; any movement I was making in life, the life was behaving like they were guilts. It was behaving like it wanted me to stay frozen. Well, actually, it is still behaving like that; but i figured out there was a guilt of me; seeking for pleasure. I should have abandoned it. I should get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I know it will be a bitter work, but this is what I have to do in my remainig time of my ilfe.  I should keep pushing through no matter what obstacles life throws at me. And I'm praying for success, to my Creator.
    So I want to forget everything, I have my lessons now, all I have to do is pushing hard and focusing on what I am doing right now. May Allah be with me.

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