Heads High

    In the first article that we posted before the first match of the draw, we said that the Turkish side was a little hesitant about the draw. And in the first match, all of us have seen that Galatasaray team were paralyzed and they couldn't give their best. 3-0 score of the first match was too hard to overturn. But in the second match, everyone have seen what Galatasaray can do. They played with their minds and in 15 minutes they have scored three goals.
    Even Cristiano Ronaldo admitted that they had almost allowed the tie to get out of hand. Only one goal in the first match would change everything for Galatasaray. They've paid the price of the bad play in the first match and they've been eliminated despite the victory. But, I think, it is a very precious experience for Galatasaray, proved that they can beat every single team if they play with this courage and will. And all they have to do that remains for this season is to be champions in the Turkish league. Well, I hope that they will.

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