The Legend of Phoenix

    Phoenix, actually we must call it The Phoenix, because there is only one, is a mythological bird which is very popular in Arabian, Greek and Roman legends. It's a magnificent golden-red feathered bird, very beautiful. It lives about four-five hundres years. And when it dies it burns and arises from its ashes. The Phoenix has its analouges in various cultures. Turkish, Persian, Japanese, Indian and Chinese cultures have similar legends to it.
    I was curious about the rise of the legend of Phoenix. I mean how or why did people imagined a bird that doesn't exist and it impressed the cultures and folks, that it lived for thousands of years with keeping its popularity.

    There are a few theories about how the legend has become, but none of them can be confirmed. It may be a bright bird found in a land and sold to a foreign land with a big price that bird hasn't been seen, and to jack up the price they made up a story about the bird that when they found it; the bird was on fire. Maybe the bird was so bright that the others haven't seen a brighter one and it made them believe it, the story was so fanciful made it easily outspread.

    Well, it's obvious that it's a beautiful story, and as mankind we are excessively fond of beauty, it may even be a child's words that gave the start to the beginning of the legend.
    "The Phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying the torture's spite; revive from ashes and rise." -Cervantes

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