Real Madrid - Galatasaray

    This Wednesday, there is a vey important match in the Uefa Champions League. It is Galatasaray against Real Madrid. The Turkish side is well focused on the match and the fans are too enthusiastic to see it. However, as I see from the various internet forums, the Spanish fans think that the result is obvious. They already fancy their teams in the semi final, and looking the other quarter final matches to see the possible next round rivals.
    The last time the two sides had a match against each other was twelve years ago, same as now it was the quarter final round of the Champions League. The first match was on the same month and day with this one. On 03.04.2001, Galatasaray defeated Real Madrid with 3-2 in Istanbul. But after a week in Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid was the victor with 3-0 score.


      Real Madrid side looks a bit too confident, and I talked to lots of Galatasaray fans, and they seemed hopeless about the draw. But I'm curious about what's gonna happen. Of course all the odds are in the Real's favor but it's football. Everthing can go different at pitch.
    The two sides matched in 2000 European Super Cup. Casillas was the goalkeeper of Madrid and Galatasaray won 2-1 with a golden goal. So Galatasaray have won two of the last three games. Maybe they can do it again. I think there is no rationale to be grim nor unwinded.

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